Save The Date: IFunChris Day on May 10th

IFunChris Website

Update - Friday, August 10th 2018

-Home page (

. Add new video from our facebook fan page on the site.

. Add stay connect box and text Facebook and add link to IFunChris fan on FB.

-New Page (Update Notes)

. Notes ion, text say Welcome To Our Update Notes.

. Add web ion and text IFC website notes will all my new update notes.

. Add new page (IFC Website Update Notes, shape “Box”, IFunChris logo and text too.


. below the tabs is the notes logo and with the text is UPDATE NOTES.

. below the tabs is the facebook logo and with the text is FACEBOOK.

-New Page (August 10th 2018)

. Copy and Past this note to on this page.

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