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​​Quincy News:  Carey Candy Co. / Bell Lane Baked Goods / Brew Haha inside look like a story, coffee, candy, baked goods have cookey, ice cream, summer choose: shave ice, cool drinks.     

Chris St. Baldrick's Stoney's Bar & Grill 

(Denver)  March 03, 2017

IFunChris YouTube Channel Update / Pie to face

​IFunChris YouTube Channel Update at the end of the video is pie in the face is fun to let you Subscribe to IFunChris YouTube Channel today. keep the pie in the face end of the video for every new video that will be now on. 

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Fun with Christianna

​This is my new friend with Christianna her ask me to make a fun video for IFunChris. I put my new monkey in it so the monkey will do a good job on funny in the video. 

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Welcome Down Syndrome to IFunChris

​This video is welcome for Down Syndrome to my online business of IFunChris.

Last Week on the trip to Stanford!

​​All the comic books Superman Justice League, Superman the phantom Zone, Flash in the grips of strength force, Batman uneasy alliance and more comic books come over to green machine comics. 

Super Heros Pilot​

Puppet Money meets puppet Cow

​​Puppet Monkey never meets the cow for a friend. So how the monkey tunes out at the end of the video.   

IFunChris take a Pie to face

​IFunChris and I got pied to the face with whip cream.

Chris Shaving for St. Baldrick's Fado Irish Pub (Denver) March 11, 2016

Super Heros Land / The Hero Returns

IFunChris take a Pie to face in the past 

IFunChris got a pie to the face years ago.

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​This video for my facebook fan page to IFunChris.

Welcome to My YouTube Channel!

​​If you are new on my channel welcome. My monkey does the funny voice get you do SUBSCRIBE IFunChris YT Channel Today! 

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The Toy Store in Quincy CA

This toy store has a lot of toys and ice cream and more. This place is a lot of fun.  


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Update of Life Vlog and Channel Schedule

​My little sister's birthday tomorrow and you say Happy Birthday for her in the comments, please. Little more info for my channel schedule.


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